With so many website and information online people sometimes ask, "Why should we hire a real estate agent?"

Real estate agents can disclose market conditions, which will govern the selling or buying process. Many things determine how you will proceed. Data such as the average per square foot cost of similar homes, median and average sales prices, number of days on the market and ratios of list-to-sold prices, will have a big impact on what your final decisions and outcomes will be when deciding to put your home on the market.

Top real estate agents negotiate well because they are skilled in basing the transaction and communications of facts. Great real estate agents are not only messengers, delivering offers to sellers and buyers, but also have their client’s best interests at heart keeping information confidential from competing interests.

With a transaction as large as buying or selling a home, especially in today’s market, experience and knowledge are key! Guessing or estimating what a home is worth can be very costly!

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