The pros & cons on the best times to buy or sell a home!


The weather gets warmer, buyers are more willing to go out and adventure. The benefit of selling in the spring is that the weather is usually rainy, but beautiful. If your house has curb appeal, it'll be most evident in the spring! Another good reason to sell your house during this season is that families with children generally want to move at a time when the school year won't be interrupted. Families wanting to move during the summer will need to find and make offers on their homes several months before.


In Florida, hot weather makes shopping for a new home hard for those sensitive to the heat. Things get slower during our summers.  Some people tend to travel during the summer so you may not see the same number of interested buyers as you would during the spring but it also gives some buyers time opportunities to move!


Most families with children aren't looking for new homes in the fall because that's when they're focusing on going back to school. If a key selling point of your home is the school district you’re in, that's reason enough to list it at a different time like the end of spring or summer. The great news is Florida falls are beautiful weather even though still warmer!


Generally winter is the least popular time to list a home because everything isn’t as green but we have to remember our snow bird friends who are looking to come out of the cold northern weather!

Looking for statistics and information on when is prime time to buy or sell in our area? It really may differ by community! Vogel Realty Services brokers & agents are always here for you!