Do open houses close sales?

As with everything there are advantages and disadvantages to hosting open houses. For people trying to sell their homes, an open house provides an opportunity to attract interested buyers to the property. A well-executed event can generate excitement and leads about the home that potentially end with an offer. Many open houses are held the first weekend after the property goes up for sale. An open house can still be beneficial even if it doesn’t attract a buyer. Visitors may share with friends, on their social media accounts, or offer feedback that is helpful!

Our best advice to anyone hosting an open house? Plan ahead! Owners should keep the houses clean and attractive, to show potential buyers. Some open houses also serve beverages or hors d’oeuvres than could be provided by the seller or broker/realtor. Whatever is planned, it’s always best to keep it simple and not overthink it! A warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere is always best rather than stressing to complete tasks before potential buyers visit.

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