Some Things You Should Consider

When buying a brand new home in a new subdivision, consider working with a buyer's agent who knows the area well, can set up home tours and walk you through the closing process. Remember, the listing agent works for the builder. It’s best for your agent to accompany you on your first visit to any new subdivision.

  • Drive around the neighborhood, check out the amenities and the quality of the homes that are currently in construction.
  • Walk the community. Ask homeowners about their experience.
  • Go to model open houses.
  • Ask about homeowners' association (HOA) fees and rules. They may not allow you to plant your own flowers, certain paint colors, or solar panels, etc. Also be sure to find out about HOA penalties.
  • Ask whether cable and Internet services are available and from what companies.
  • Research the zoning laws for the new neighborhood and ask your agent about additional plans for the area.
  • Check for any complaints against the builder and ask your agent about the builders reputation.
  • Know what comes standard and what additional upgrades cost! Many model homes are full of upgrades.

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