Fact check before being frustrated by advertisements!

The guaranteed home sale program is possibly one of the most misconceived marketing techniques in the real estate industry. Have you ever seen advertising like - “if we don’t sell your home we will buy it” and wondered what it was all about?

If you look around the internet there are plenty of sites that offer some kind of guaranteed sale program.  According to most of these guaranteed home sale websites, you will receive an up front guaranteed price in writing by the Realtor and if they receive an offer that is higher than their guaranteed price from a buyer, you will get the higher offer, not them.

A sellers agent should always have one very specific goal in mind when representing you, getting the most money for your home! The agent should be putting the sellers interest first and negotiate for the best price and terms for their client, not potentially undervaluing the home for a guaranteed sale. The agent owes the seller undivided loyalty, reasonable care, and disclosure.

What you should do:

  • Always make sure the list price is under the current market value of the property!
  • Ask yourself is how you will feel if the real estate agent puts your home back on the market after purchasing it from you and sells it for a profit.

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