5 Tips on How to Prepare for Your Photo Shoot!

Freshen Up
Paint surfaces that show stains, damage or age! Make sure everything is clean. Clean carpet stains. Wipe down heavy traffic areas like door jams and trims that you don’t think about in regular cleaning!
Clean Inside & Outside
Remove your cars from the driveway, take garbage cans inside and close garage doors. Any loose garden items, dead plants or trash should be removed from your yard.  Make sure inside there isn’t too much furniture and that the floor space is as clear as possible!
Don’t go overboard! Maybe add some new hand towels in the kitchen area or fresh flowers to the bathrooms. Simple is always best!
Clean up personalize items such as calendars, notepads and anything that might make potential buyers visualize themselves living in the home or space!
Lighten Up
Open blinds and drapes. Turn on lamps. You can also light unscented candles in dark spaces. A little bit of lighting goes a long way!

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